Orchard Tree Services sell logs and sticks for use as firewood. Logs are available to buy by the cubic meter (m3) bag (£50) or in smaller net bags (£3.50 each). Kindling is available at £2.50 per net.

Many people have open fires or wood burning stoves in their homes. Logs can be used in open fires and solid fuel stoves. Solid fuel stoves can burn logs in combination with other fuels or can be used as the primary fuel. Orchard Tree Services will supply logs cut to your specification - so if your wood burning stove can only take logs of 8 inches or less then you can let us know and all your firewood will be cut to a maximum length of 8 inches.

Orchard Tree Services supply logs and sticks to the commercial sector. Logs are particularly popular with hotels and pubs with open fires or stoves in bar or restaurant areas.

Logs can be used as fuel for:

  • Open fires
  • Stoves
  • Agas
  • Garden chimeneas
  • Barbeques

Delivery is free within the immediate local area with orders of £50 or more (please check eligibility at the time of order).

We are always looking for new local outlets, so if you own a manage a garden centre, garage forecourt, hardware store or shop in the North East then please contact us for trade prices and terms.

Wood fuel is considered environmentally friendly and there are sometimes grants available towards the cost of purchasing and installing wood fuelled boiler systems which will comprise the main heating system of a residential or commercial property.

With the recent gas and electric price rises, firewood is fast becoming the most economical way to heat your home or business.

"Burning wood does release carbon dioxide, but it can only ever release as much as has been stored while the tree was growing - carbon which would be released once the tree dies anyway. Overall, wood energy is classed as 'carbon neutral'." Northwoods

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