Orchard Tree Services make quality indoor and garden furniture and ornaments from pieces of solid timber. Most of our wood is recycled from our work as tree surgeons.

Orchard Tree Services create handmade furniture and garden ornaments from a wide range of different woods, including Oak, Ash, Willow, Poplar and Sycamore. Although not an exhaustive list, we can produce:

  • Chairs, benches and stools
  • Tables, coffee tables and occasional tables
  • Planters, mushrooms and other garden ornaments
  • Turned bowls, plates and other smaller items

Most of our work is on bespoke projects, but we usually keep a stock of a few common items such as chairs and benches. Our work can be seen in parks, schools and colleges as well as homes and gardens.

Please contact us if you would like to commission a piece of handmade furniture. A range of previous projects can be viewed on our sister website: Willow Woodland Products.


TEL: 0191 584 6909
MOB: 07887 873460


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